Black powder pistol

These competitions are conducted as per the SSAA Muzzle Loading Official National Rules, and include a Cartridge Revolver match as a Supplementary Event.


This discipline uses metallic silhouettes and is conducted on a monthly basis on the 200m pistol range.

12.30pm 4th Saturday of the month.  Set up targets.  Shooting commences at 1.00pm

Course of fire:- 10 shots at each set, making a total of 40 shots.

Targets are     

  1. Chickens at 12m
  2. Pigs at 25m
  3. Turkeys at 37m
  4. Rams at 50m

Provision is in place to allow the use of Single Shot Pistols, Cap and Ball Revolvers and Single Action Cartridge Revolvers.  All must use Black Powder and Lead Projectiles.


This discipline uses paper targets and is conducted on a monthly basis on the pistol range.

9.00am 4th Sunday of the month

1.00pm 4th Sunday of the month

The schedule for the competition will vary according to attendance, but is generally:

09:00 – set targets

09:10 – cartridge revolver, precision fire (supplementary event)

09:30 – cartridge revolver, timed fire (supplementary event)

10:00 – cap & ball revolver, precision fire

10:30 – cap & ball revolver, timed fire

11:00 – single shot pistol, precision fire

11:30 – single shot pistol, timed fire

12.00 -  flintlock pistol (smooth bore or rifled)

12.45 – set targets

13:00 – cap & ball revolver, precision fire

13:30 – cap & ball revolver, timed fire

Note:- Those wishing to shoot in the supplementary cartridge events may do so during cap & ball revolver events.

14:00 – single shot pistol, precision fire

14:30 – single shot pistol, timed fire

15:00 – open pistol, precision fire

15:30 – open pistol, 50 metres

Cartridge Revolver as a Supplementary Event

While this is primarily a Black Powder pistol club, some shooters are also interested in cartridge revolvers.  This match is shot in the spirit of early Single Action revolvers as per the black powder era (1870-1900) and overlapped into the early smokeless era (1900-1920).  Single Action revolvers and their modern reproductions of the pre-1900 design that use cartridges that were originally designed and loaded with black powder.  Common examples include 22 Long Rifle, 32-20, 38 Special, 44-40, 44 Russian, and 45 Colt.  For this match, compliant revolvers typically use black powder loads and soft lead projectiles (cowboy loads), with the exception of .22 Long Rifle factory loads.

As a Single Action match, this competition may include Class C handguns.  Competitors intending to possess and use Class C handguns require the appropriate endorsements on their Concealable Firearms Licence.

Note: Our competitions allow for the use of three different classes of handguns, namely -  Class B, black powder and centrefire up to .38.  Class C, centrefire over .38.  and Class D, rimfire.  Participation records may be endorsed for only one handgun class on any day.

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