Want PRECISION competition rifle shooting where results are measured in fractions? If the answer is yes, then Benchrest Rifle Competition Shooting is your game. Benchrest rifle is a shooting discipline that combines the elements of precision rifle building with mental

This is a discipline where shooters must place either five or 10 shots into the smallest size group they can on paper targets located at ranges of 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards downrange. Results are called groups and they are measured from the centre to the centre of the two shots that are the most farther apart in the a group. Rifles are fired from rests, comprising a front rest to support the fore-end and a rear sandbag to support the rifle’s butt.

There are 10 different classes that comprise the shooting discipline of Benchrest Rifle Shooting. The differences in class are determined by weight, calibre includes 10 main classes within this discipline, with the d and other factors.

  • Centrefire - 8.00am first Sunday of every month
  • Rimfire Fly 200M - following the Centrefire Fly 500M shoot.
  • Centrefire Fly 500M - 8.00am third Saturday of every month
  • Centrefire Fly 300M - 8.00am first Saturday of every month
  • Rimfire Competition - 7.00pm first and third Tuesday of every month
  • Rimfire Practice - 7.00pm third Wednesday of every month
  • IRB - 7.00pm fifth Tuesday (when applicable) of every month
  • Magnum (Big Game) - 1.00pm second Sunday of every month

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Field Rifle

This section is divided into two different disciplines.

Details for each of these are as follows:


The rimfire competition is conducted on a monthly basis.

  • 12.30pm third Sunday of the month


The centrefire competition is conducted on a monthly basis.

  • 3.00pm third Sunday of the month

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Junior Target Shooters

Junior Target Shooters is a section of the SSAA where juniors can take part in competitive shooting of a modified, half match in the “Field Rifle” discipline.


  • 4th Friday of the month @ 6:30pm (Club guns are NOT available for this shoot)
  • 2nd Saturday of the month @ 1:00pm (Club guns are available for this shoot)

Please note: The 3rd Friday in November is for current Junior Section members only as this is their "End of Year" competition day and trophy presentation, that is not open to new members on this day.

For who

Juniors aged 11 to 17 years of age (inclusive)

Current Covid Program

  • First Friday - Metalic Silhouette Competition
  • Third Friday - Field Rifle Competition


Juniors must bring photo ID with proof of date of birth.  Parent/guardian must remain with juniors at all times.  Adults bringing juniors who are not the legal parent/guardian must bring a letter from the parent/guardian authorising the junior to attend the range to participate in the shooting activity. Fully Enclosed footwear and hearing protection is also required (of both the Juniors and their adult gardian).

Postal competition

During the year on the first Sunday of the month, Junior Target Shooters have the opportunity to shoot and compete in postal competitions in the disciplines of both Field Rifle (rimfire) and Metallic Silhouette (rimfire).

Course of fire for half match 'field rifle' competition

The course of fire for “Field Rifle” Competition consists of:-

  • 10 rounds at 25 metres – Rapid Fire (4 lots of 3 shots with the best 10 to count)
  • 10 rounds at 25 metres – Off Hand
  • 10 rounds at 50 metres – Standing Post Rest
  • 10 rounds at 50 metres – Sitting Post Rest


Any .22LR rimfire bolt action sporting type, magazine fed, fitted with telescopic sight (Refer Section rule book for additional details).

Dedicated target type rifles and thumb hole stocks are not permitted.


Prepared to have a good time and be taught to shoot “Field Rifle”.  Competitive level depends on the individual’s choice.  A willingness to be well behaved and act in a mature manner is a mandatory requirement.

Special programme

Other special events during the year usually consist of:-   

  • S.S.A.A. (Qld) Junior State Championships each year.   
  • Various National, State and Zone competitions

Additional information

Membership of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia is not initially compulsory for the Junior Target Shooter, however membership is expected after 3 attendances.   The junior must be a member to enter SSAA postal and other major SSAA competitions.

Rifle Metallic Silhouette

Description coming soon

  • Air Rifle - 7.00pm second and fourth Thursday of every month
  • Centrefire (Cast) - 1.00pm second Sunday of every month
  • Rimfire Hunter - 7.00pm first and third Thursday of every month
  • Rimfire Silhouette - 7.00pm second and fourth Tuesday of every month
  • Centrefire - 8.00am second Saturday of every month
  • Rimfire Silhouette - 11.00am second Saturday of every month

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Single Action

Single Action Shooting combines lever-action rifles, sided by side shotguns and single action revolvers with roots dating back to circa 1800 - 1899. They were the days of the old American west where brands like Colt and Winchester were household names.

Today, Single Action is a very popular shooting sport here in Australia and of course the USA and many other countries. Participants use mainly modern replicas of the historicaly significant firarms of the era. We use single-action revolvers, lever-action and slide-action rifles and carbines, lever-action and pump-action shotguns and side-by-side shotguns without automatic ejectors. Targets are generally reactive and vary in shape and dimension. Not only are shooting skills developed and tested in regular matches but so too are the attire and presentation skills of the shooters. Most of us adopt a monikor or handle that draws upon the rich folk lore and genuine history and heritage of the days and folks o fthe old American West.

Single Action is always true to its roots and that is why blackpowder and smokeless powder guns are both at home in this friendly shootin' competition that is enjoyed equally by young and old, girls and boys alike. So pardner, if you think ya might have a hankerin' to try out and join our posse of good Single Action folk at SSAA Brisbane, ya'll just get in touch with our team at the Post Office, er, I mean the Branch Office to find out more. Until then, keep yer powder dry and we wish ya Happy Trails.

  • 12.00noon second Saturday of the month
  • 7.00pm fourth Wednesday of the month

(Subject to range availability)

SSAA Single Action Poster

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