Want PRECISION competition rifle shooting where results are measured in fractions? If the answer is yes, then Benchrest Rifle Competition Shooting is your game. Benchrest rifle is a shooting discipline that combines the elements of precision rifle building with mental

This is a discipline where shooters must place either five or 10 shots into the smallest size group they can on paper targets located at ranges of 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards downrange. Results are called groups and they are measured from the centre to the centre of the two shots that are the most farther apart in the a group. Rifles are fired from rests, comprising a front rest to support the fore-end and a rear sandbag to support the rifle’s butt.

There are 10 different classes that comprise the shooting discipline of Benchrest Rifle Shooting. The differences in class are determined by weight, calibre includes 10 main classes within this discipline, with the d and other factors.

  • Centrefire - 8.00am first Sunday of every month
  • Rimfire Fly 200M - following the Centrefire Fly 500M shoot.
  • Centrefire Fly 500M - 8.00am third Saturday of every month
  • Centrefire Fly 300M - 8.00am first Saturday of every month
  • Rimfire Competition - 7.00pm first and third Tuesday of every month
  • Rimfire Practice - 7.00pm third Wednesday of every month
  • IRB - 7.00pm fifth Tuesday (when applicable) of every month
  • Magnum (Big Game) - 1.00pm second Sunday of every month

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