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  • 9.00am on the third Saturday of the month

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is farmgun?

A. The word farmgun is a slang term used to describe any non-elite or cheap shotgun that you would find hanging over the farmhouse mantlepiece.

Q. What is the Farmgun Section?

A. The farmgun section is a fun clay-target competition at the Brisbane Branch of the SSAA, where the competitors use basic and inexpensive shotguns. It operates under the SSAA Shotgun rule book as a SSAA Sporting Clays course of fire.

Q. Which shotguns are used?

A. Some of the common shotguns used are:

Single barrel (break action, bolt action or lever action)
Double barrel, side by side (single trigger or double trigger)
.410 bore
Black powder

Q Can I use an under and over or semi-automatic shotgun?

A. No. You are welcome to use your under and over or semi-automatic shotgun in the afternoon practice session after lunch, but not in the morning competition session.

Q What if I don’t have a farmgun?

A. Come along anyway. As long as you are respectful to other people’s gear, there is a good chance that someone will be happy to lend you one.

Q Why should I compete in the farmgun section, compared to the other clay-target sections?

A. Some of the attractions are:

Inexpensive start-up (retail second-hand farmgun from $90 to $150)
Variety of layouts and targets
Supportive fun atmosphere, with encouragement and coaching


  • 7.00am - Setup crew start
    • 8.00am - Sign on counter open
    • 9.00am - Early squad kicks-off
    • 10.00am - Sign on counter closed (but you can sign on at main range and bring your receipt as proof)
    • 11.00am - Ladies and Coaching squad kicks-off
    • 12.30pm - Competition squads complete
    • 1.00pm - Social practice using fixed traps if anyone interested (BYO targets and range officers)
    • 5.00pm - All shooting complete


A variety of skeet and trap stations, based on 25 targets.

Special Competitions

The November competition is the Clem Sorohan Memorial shoot. A Sporting Clays like layout is used, based on 30 targets

Contact Details

Check the current SSAA Brisbane Range Directory, for the current Section Captains contact details.

Competition Culture

The farmgun section is a fun competition. Of course safety is serious, but outside of safety, the competition has a light and friendly atmosphere.

Things to Note

  • The November competition is the Clem Sorohan Memorial shoot. A Five Stand layout is used, based on 30 targets.
  • The December competition starting at 3:00pm is followed by us sharing an evening meal and enjoying a night shoot.

General Information

New competitors (particularly ladies and juniors) are welcome. Both new and experienced competitors walk and compete in the same squad. For new shooters of clay-targets, it’s common to start slow, before being competitive. It’s important to focus on the fun side, and let the scores slowly improve as you gain experience and your confidence grows. Farmgun provides that kind of environment.

Range Safety Video

Please watch this safety video before visiting our range.

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