Low Field

Low/High Field Shotgun Competition

This exciting shotgun event takes place on the 1st Saturday of each month with sign on from 0930hrs. The competition to be completed by 1600hrs and  2nd and 4th Thursday of each month with sign on from 1830hrs. The competition to be completed by 2100hrs

To operate a decent competition the option to shoot up to four rounds (100) of targets. Each round of targets costs $7.50 plus the appropriate range fee. You must sign on and pay the relevant fees at the Main Range Office and present your receipt to the shoot captain at the shotgun office.

The Competition is open to all licenced shooters and new/unlicensed shooters are welcome to join in. There are experienced shooters in attendance that are always willing to help new shooters and beginners.

Grading of shooters can be performed and grading cards will be available for those wanting them. To keep your grading current your card must be handed to the shoot captain at the start of the shoot.

Any type/calibre of shotgun from 12g to .410 may be used providing all licence requirements are complied with. If you do not have a shotgun and can respect other people’s property one could be made available to you on the day.

In general, the Low Field sport is shot using five stations on either side of the trap house.

Three targets are shot from each station on the left side of the trap house and two targets are shot from each station on the right side of the trap house.

Targets are thrown over an arc of 44 degrees at various elevations, providing a rich variety of targets.

Shooters may use two shots per target if required.

The High Field component of the competition is shot utilising the tower mounted trap which is elevated to approximately 10m above the ground. The shooting takes place in the same manner as the Low Field event with five stations either side of the tower.

For High Field the targets are thrown over a 44 degree arc but at fixed elevation, simulating high pass game shooting.

The competition takes place at the shotgun range of the Sporting Shooters Association Brisbane located within the Belmont Shooting Complex with the entrance on Mount Petrie Road.

All SSAA firearms handling and safety rules apply in regard to footwear, hearing and eye protection.

Please note that NO SHOT LARGER than number 7 size is permitted to be used on the shotgun range/layout, as per Range Approval. 

  • HIGH/LOW FIELD    9:30am First Saturday of every month.
  • LOW FIELD    6:30pm Second and Fourth Thursday of every month

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